U.S. Shooting Academy 6500 East 66th St North Tulsa, Ok 74117

(918)948-7856 / (866)441-8772 sales@usshootingacademy.com

Matches & Competitions

Local Monthly Matches

Steel Challenge
1st Sunday
USSA members $15 Additional gun $5
Non USSA members $20 Additional gun $5
Registration: 9:00-10:00 in lodge

IDPA New Shooters and Practice Only
1st Saturday
Newby Bay & Practice Bay $5.
Comp bays
Registration: 9:00 in lodge

2nd Saturday
Local match:
USSA members $10
Non USSA $15
Registration: 9:00 in the lobby

2nd Sunday
USSA members $20
Non USSA $20
Registration: 9:00ish in lodge

TIE (Threat Identification & Engagement)
3rd Saturday (Call and confirm date before coming out)
USSA members: $5.00
Non USSA: $10

3 Gun/USSA Check facebook for dates
September 30th Saturday
Full match