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SDA CONCEAL/CARRY CLASSES on Sunday, October 24th, 2017

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Instructor: Matt "Gunny" Sheets
SDA Conceal/Carry Class
Gunny goes over safety and handling of your weapon along with the State required material so gain a better understanding and get your certificate for your SDA license $60.00 All day class
Special Offer: Combine Conceal/Carry with our
Introduction to Pistol Shooting for $25.00 which totals to $85.00
Get the Fundamentals down correctly and gain the self confidence from the instruction gained with this training.
Call USSA to enroll.: 918-948-7856

Sunday Conceal/Carry, October 24th, 2017
​Instructor: "Gunny" Matt Sheets
​You will need:
50 rounds of ammunition
Ball cap or hat, eyes and ears for safety
Remember a Semiautomatics qualifies you to carry all handguns
Cost: $60.00

Sign up for your CCW/SDA class with us and get 0NE FREE MONTH use
pistol bays at USSA upon completion of the class;

Introduction to Pistol Shooting

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Sunday, October 8th, 2017 1:00-2:30 pm
This class is offered to USSA members for $30.00 and non USSA members for $40.00
Call the range to sign up: 918-948-7856
The purpose of this course is to help those who are new to handgun shooting get started with a solid
foundation of Safety and Operating Fundamentals.
SAFETY-In your home, on your person or at the range, the four basic SAFETY rules will help serve to prevent
accidental mishaps or tragedy.
Operation and Function-This section will give you the confidence to SAFELY handle a pistol and be comfortable knowing it is loaded. We ALWAYS treat guns as if they are loaded-Safety.
Range Courtesy and Protocol-This section of the course will get you shooting. You will learn range commands and procedures for the staging area and the firing line. You learn what to do to SAFELY (have you noticed a theme?)
handle a problem or a malfunction. Stance, grip and marksmanship are all part of this phase of training.
On completion of this course, you will be prepared for to enter any pistol 1 course where your gun handling skills and marksmanship can be developed more quickly and easily due to your experience with SAFETY, terminology and procedure.
You will need:
1. The pistol you intend to shoot.
2. Eye protection-your glasses or sunglasses are fine.
3. Ear protection-ear plugs or muffs.
4. Box of 50 rounds of ammunition.
All these items are available in the USSA Pro Shop

This is a 1 1/2 hour course, the cost is $45.00
Instructor: Joe Hancock
Call USSA for date details: 918-948-7856

USPSA Sectional Match October 21st & 22nd

  • Friday, Oct.21 & Saturday, Oct 22nd

Conceal Carry Plus Introduction to Pistol Shooting

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Introduction to Pistol Shooting
Instructor: Joe Hancock
USSA is offering the "Introduction to Pistol Shooting" class to anyone when they sign up for a SDA Conceal/Carry Class at U. S. Shooting Academy. This class is an hour and a half and emphasizes Safety along with the Operation and Function of your hand gun and with Range Courtesy and Protocol.
This class is an hour and a half long and is offered at USSA for $40/class, but with your CCW class, we include it for $30.00. So you get your Concealed Carry Class ($60) and the Introduction to Pistol Shooting ($30,00), for a total of to: $90.00
Anyone interested in gaining instruction on gun and range safety, proper handling of your pistol and the fundamentals and proficiency of shooting of your handgun should consider this opportunity.
Not only will you build confidence as you go through this course from the comfort you will gain in this training, you will have the knowledgeable and the skill to continue building that confidence as you continue training and practicing what you have learn from this class.
Call USSA to sign up for the class: 918-948-7856
Bring your eyes, ears, and head protection, along with your weapon or rent one from us-$15.00 plus the ammo.
Don't develop bad habits that become difficult to correct; all instructors express it is more difficult to undo bad habit than to teach someone how to shoot correctly. Learn that with this class and begin to practice the right way.

Advanced Conceal Carry Course

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Instructor: Matt "Gunny" Sheets

Advanced Concealed Carry
October 21, 2017
Time: 8:30-5:00 pm $150.00

This Advanced Concealed Carry Course will take a beginner or
experienced shooter to the next level in carrying and using a concealed pistol,
as well as, defensive skills.

The course will:
Start with the basics of shooting and make them smooth
Improve marksmanship and shooting tighter groups
Drawing from concealed carry positions (sweeping and lifting techniques
Immediate action skills for malfunctions

Lunch ( 1 hour) Bring a lunch or go to Owasso (10 minutes, 1 way)
USSA has a lunch room-tables, chairs and A/C and refrigerator available,
also fountain drinks for $1.00-free refills

Call USSA to sign Up: 918-948-7856
Several unique firing positions-including: one handed holding an object and weak hand shooting
Home defense firearms considerations and techniques

Come get some experience now that you have or are getting your carry license!
Call USSA 918-948-7856
Students will fire approximately 350-500 rounds
Shooting from a barricade or covered positions
Shoot/Don't shoot training

Student's Equipment:
Semi-automatic handgun
350-500 Rounds of ammo
3 Magazines
Magazine holster (for 2 magazines)
Shirt, Vest and light weight jacket (practicing sweep concealed draw)
T-shirt (long one)-practicing concealed draw
Pant or Shorts with rear/cargo pockets for ammo
Notepad & pen
Eye, ear and head protection (hat or ballcap-Sunglasses or Rx glasses work)

Call USSA to Enroll: 918-948-7856

Low Light / Night Fire Familiarization Course

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July 7th, 2017
6:00-10:00 pm
4 Hours Training
200 rounds

This course is Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training (CLEET) Accredited and U. S. Law Shield backed.
Seldom do people get a chance to shoot under the very conditions that they may well find themselves in when they have to defend themselves and/or fight. This course is about an hour plus in the classroom covering different aspects of night shooting, equipment and safety procedures. There will be daylight range time with dry fire and live fire training; along with handling a flashlight while shooting with a weapon. The course ends with shooting in the twilight and darkness for the remaining approximate last two hours.
Upon completion of the course you will receive a CLEET certified completion of 4 hours of Night Fire Familiarization certificate.

Call USSA 918-948-7856 and enroll

This Low Light/Night Fire course will cover:

Ammunition choices
Using the darkness to your advantage
Use of handheld lights in conjunction with your handgun
And much, much more....

Call USSA to sign up

This course will run four hours, the cost $75.00
If you have any questions or want to sign up,
please contact:
USSA at 918-948-7856

You will need 150-200 rounds of ammo;
eyes, ears, and head protection on the range