U.S. Shooting Academy, 6500 East 66th St. North, Tulsa, Ok 74117

(918) 948-7856 / (866) 441-8772 usshootingacademytulsa@gmail.com

Class 3 Machine Gun Shoots

Plan a corporate or group event or bachelor party with class 3 weapons, shoot the fully automatics: MP5SD,  AK47 and the AR15 along with the 50 caliber Barrett.  The magazines for the full autos are $20.00/mag, and the Barrett runs $7.00/round, day pass is $20/shooter and a fee of $25/hr for each range safety officer.  Call and we will work with you to set one up an event with full autos.  Generally the minimum price to do a shoot is about $150.  Call if you’d like to work up a range event: 918-948-7856